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Re: Attaching film in holders


Just in case you don't know there is a thicker type of CGP - CGP7 - it appears 
to be the same emulsion coated on a thicker base

CGP  4 mil (0.004 in., 0.10 mm)
CGP7 7 mil (0.007 in., 0.18 mm)


Kodak is also having CGP manufactured by a third party since June of 2007 - 
there may be some differences in the new version of CGP compared with the 

http://graphics1.kodak.com/documents/Graphics Film Conversion.pdf

Agfa also makes a film similar to CGP - Agfa Alliance CE - but its only 
availabe as 0.10 mm thickness - the same as the thinner CGP



On Wednesday 16 April 2008 10:05:11 am Michael Healy wrote:
> I'm going to work with my hand-crafted 7x17 camera again after a hiatus of
> a couple of years. My holders are not so good to begin with, but I've had a
> real problem in the past with my film. I shoot with Kodak CGP film, which
> is exceedingly thin. In the AZ heat, and especially if the camera is tilted
> forward in the least, the film kind of leans forward. Then the holder snags
> on it and everything goes south from there.
> It's occurred to me that I might tack it lightly to the back of the holder
> just to keep it in place during the shoot. I'm thinking of using something
> like 3M Super 77 or some equivalent. I currently use this in silksreen
> printing, applying a light spray to the table before laying down a sheet of
> paper. It anchors the paper so it won't stick to the screen after I pull
> it. Works well in that application, but paper is thick and tough. The
> lightest possible application lasts long enough to hold several sheets of
> paper one after another, and each one peels readily away from the table
> after printing.
> Sooo, I'm thinking maybe I could do this when loading this film into the
> holder. Has anyone done this, or have thoughts on this or other spray
> adhesives? I'll have to try it in any case, with scrap film, just to see
> whether it does let go of a lighter, thinner material than 250 wt
> Stonehenge on a table.
> Thanks
> Mike Helay

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