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Re: Attaching film in holders

One other option (or two) is www.ultrafineonline.com sells fine grain positive dupe film in 14x17 sheets, and has several lith films (similar to CGP) in .007 thickness


Gordon J. Holtslander wrote:

Just in case you don't know there is a thicker type of CGP - CGP7 - it appears to be the same emulsion coated on a thicker base

CGP 4 mil (0.004 in., 0.10 mm)
CGP7 7 mil (0.007 in., 0.18 mm)


Kodak is also having CGP manufactured by a third party since June of 2007 - there may be some differences in the new version of CGP compared with the old.

http://graphics1.kodak.com/documents/Graphics Film Conversion.pdf

Agfa also makes a film similar to CGP - Agfa Alliance CE - but its only availabe as 0.10 mm thickness - the same as the thinner CGP