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I have used various photo papers in film holders, in pin hole cameras and in my 4x5. I use an ISO of about 5 -10. One thing to remember is that the range of paper is not the same as film, in that certain colors register differently.(otherwise you couldn't use a safelight). This is of course especially fun with a multigrade paper. Because different colors seem to register different ways I use different ISO's for indoor tungsten light (5) and outdoor solar light (10). Also , I have noticed that the negative is a lot more contrasty when I use it indoors than outdoors. I don't know why.

By the way, I have always enjoyed your comments from your days as a photographer in New York.


BOB KISS wrote:
I recall in the distant past that there had been some discussion of
using silver gelatin enlarging paper in a view camera, eg, 4X5 sheet film
holders to produce a paper negative. What I am hoping for is a starting point for an equivalent "ISO"
speed for the paper. Even a ball park would be great for me to start
testing. I know that it will vary with manufacturer and other variables but
it is nice to have some idea to save time.
I am not worried about image quality.I am just trying to get an idea
of some suggested ISO. Thanks in advance.

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