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Re: Epson 3800

Hi Marek,

In my experience, the Pictorico should be put through the rear feeder, and you absolutely will need to change the platen gap to wide and raise the number to 5 (at least that works for me).  The more recent Pictorico just seems to be a lot thicker than what they were using-- seems to be much better-- but just thicker, so you definitely need to adjust for that.  

On Apr 27, 2008, at 12:48 PM, Marek Matusz wrote:

My Epson 3800 just came in and it is a beauty. My first color print came out just perfect. No calibration, a supplied Epson profile, no messing around. My question now is where should I feed the trensparency for printing negatives. I want to print both pictorico and ultrafine. I know pictorico should be no problem. Anybody printing ultrafine transparencied on this printer?

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