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Re: ironing gum prints and other musings

I think this is true with a lot of alt-processes, but particularly true
for gum. A recent example of this was about a month ago. A friend was in
town for Fotofest, and wanted to learn a little about doing some gumovers.
For various reasons, the time we had allocated got jammed up, so it
amounted to about 4 hours of so-called 'instruction', from sizing to
coating to exposing and developing. We did 2 coats of gum on two of his
images. He's back home and sending me jpegs of what he has done since
then, and holy-moly, he's got it. Amazing. But I think the key is, he both
'got it' and liked it right away, and the rest just amounts to doing it
enough to learn a little more each day.

> Good morning,
> I've been thinking about this semester of teaching alt, what worked, what
> didn't.  I always get introspective (and a bit sad as my students move to
> other classes) at the end of the semester.  I taught gum for a period of
> about 5 weeks of the total time, and this was much better to give an
> extended period devoted to gum (I also taught salt, cyanotype, VDB, and
> pt/pd and before only devoted 3 wk to gum).
> What I noticed (and it'd be interesting to see if other alt teachers agree
> on this? Sam? Judy? Peg Fredi? Kerik? Clay? Diana? who am I missing?) is
> that gum printers are "born" somewhat instantly.  In the first week or two
> it is apparent who will gravitate to gum and stay there and who will not.
> >