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Re: Printing negatives with Piezography black inks

Sorry Eric, but a friend of mine Claude Plessier very good heliograveur, print continous tone positive on Pictorico using Piezotone, from years without problem.
Piezzo inks need one day to dry on Pictorico.
Le 2 mai 08 à 20:35, EJN Photo a écrit :

If you can wipe it off, you are using the wrong combination of ink and
substrate. Cone's Piezotone inks will not adhere to OHP. You need to use the
ultraclear material from Photo Ware House or some such product. And the K2
and K3 inks will not stick to it, so you need to use the OHP.


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Dear members,

Since the first of May I have exchanged my original Epson-inks for
Piezography inks on my Epson Stylus Photo R 1800.(the reason:the UV
density of these Epson inks (UltraChrome high gloss) is too low for Pt
I have used QuadToneRIP to print a test negative with densities from 2
to 100 % (in 2% rising densities).The film is AGFA CopyJet (~Pictorico)
and ColorGate.
But before I can test the UV densities in practice,worse luck !,I can
wipe off the Piezography ink very easy with the top of my finger.
Am I doing something wrong ? If yes : what ...?
How do you use Piezography K7 ink on film like Pictorico without the
problem of whiping off it easy ?

Erich Camerling