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Ixnay on the "Scotch tape" !

Sorry about that "ixnay" -- I know it dates me, but it's what came to mind:

Scotch tape should NOT be used on any longterm project, unless it's an installation to show decay. Of course it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the double-sided tape Richard mentions is archival, but I anyway doubt they'd do it under the same label.

Regular "Scotch tape" (perhaps named for it's economy of use?) is decidedly, markedly, hellaciously UNarchival. For instance, every one of the recipes I taped into a series of notebooks a mere 20 or 40 years ago (a moment in the life of an artwork) fell off, as the tape dried up and flaked/lifted away.

Most wet adhesives used to paste clippings onto file cards also dried up and came off at more or less the same rate -- which is I assume why the question arose in the first place?