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Re: another good yellow for gum

Good to know it is your yellow of choice Marek.
Btw my stock solution is then diluted with gum a couple times at time of use so I may come close to your 1 tube/250ml gum..
I am surprised it goes well with indanthrone--I have a tube of that so I just must give it a try!
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Chris and all
PY 150, Daniel SMith brand has been my yellow of choice for about a year or two now. It is very permenent and very transparent. Mixes beautiful greens with a number of blues including indantrone (I frequently use  it as a blue with a "punch"). It seems to be much stronger (maybe the correct word is intense) then other yellows. I use it at half strength as compared to magenta and cyan. One tube mixed with 250 ccof gum. A tube of that yellow goes a long way. While in masstone it looks brownish, but it dilutes to a very clean yellow.

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> Subject: another good yellow for gum
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> So first it was the nacho cheese yellow--PY 110 or PY 139 that I reported
> back a week or so ago.
> Now I want to talk about another yellow--when I first mixed it up in my
> standard stock mix of 1 tube pigment to 45ml gum arabic, I thought this
> yellow would never do. It is breastfed baby poop yellow--very browny greeny
> YUK. So I put it on the back shelf and did not use it. But I ran out of
> the yellow I normally use and decided to use it and when mixed in a gum
> layer it is a beautiful yellow, very transparent, leans towards a warm green
> if that is possible. It is Daniel Smith Nickel Azo Yellow PY150 or Winsor
> Newton Transparent Yellow or Schmincke Translucent Yellow. Another yellow
> for one's arsenal that at first glance goes way beyond what it looks like it
> might do.
> Chris

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