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Re: glutaraldehyde source

Yup--30% gelatin, after it is prepared, add 6-24ml of the 2.5% (so do your math accordingly with the 2 %) to the hot gelatin. OR, you can size the paper with unhardened gelatin and then do a bath outside of adding the same amt per liter of water and soak the paper 5 min or more. Only problem--it is not reusable like formaldehyde, or I don't think it is. Ryuji would know, but I toss the trayful when done.
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Subject: Re: glutaraldehyde source

thanks for the advice. I went ahead and ordered it and it arrived last night.
I will start sizing paper next week.
Chris, am I right in understanding that you are using a range of between 6
and 24 ml per liter of gelatin?


On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 16:04:47 -0600, Christina Z. Anderson wrote
$200 for 500ml!!!! Wow that is ridiculous. And you DON'T, as Ryuji
says, want to handle concentrated amounts unless outdoors. I bought
the 25% and poured it in enough water to dilute to 2.5% immediately,
outdoors, downwind, gloves on, way far from my face.

This looks like Maxicide I got from a med supply warehouse, although
mine was 2.5%. I only use 6-24ml per liter of the stuff, so a
gallon would last you years--hope you have 10 friends to split it
with over the next 18 months of shelf life....

When I bought a quart of Maxicide it was about $12 or so, so $23 is
a good price.

Last time I had to size 60 16x20 sheets of paper so I actually tray
sized with gelatin all sheets and then the following day I did a big
tray of glut outside to harden the sheets. This worked very well
and minimized any toxicity inside the house (hung them to dry
outside in garage). It was cold outside still, even, and that did
not hurt anything, but when doing the same with formaldehyde outside
and then bringing the sheets into the warm house, they totally
outgassed and stung my eyes, but I've already shared that story
here. Chris

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Subject: glutaraldehyde source

> I am looking for a source for glutaraldehyde here in Canada. My local
> chemical supplier claims they can only get me "certified" grade at $200
> for
> 500ml.
> While looking at other options, I found this online:
> http://amaxsupply.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=134
> This seems to be similar to the Maxicide that Chris recommended a while
> back.
> Do you think this would work for hardening gelatin and if so, at what
> ratio?
> Thanks
> Cameron

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