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RE: Cyanotype chemicals need cooking?

Probably they were referring to the making of New Cyanotype solution - as
noted by Doug...

For both New Cyanotype and Classic Cyanotype I mix the solutions away from
(UV rich) daylight, under a fairly strong (100W) incandescent light
source. I even mixed the solutions under - again,  fairly strong (23W) -
spiral fluorescent light bulb and never experienced any adverse effects.

To prepare New Cyanotype sensitizer: I simply boil water, let it cool to
around 60-70C / 140-160F (nothing precise; I just wait until I'm out of
patience - which usually takes a fairly short time) and then prepare and
mix the solutions in above stated lighting conditions. No problems at

I think it's overkill (and dangerous - especially with hot solutions) to
work in dark (or excessively darkened) environment for mixing the


8 Temmuz 2008, Salı, 10:04 am tarihinde, C.Breukel@lumc.nl yazmış:
> To only reason I can think of, in case of the classic Cyanotype recipe ,
> to boil it, is to sterilise the solution. Bugs like to feed on the
> Amonnium Ferric Citrate. Not sure if boiling is harmless to both chemicals
> though,
> Best,
> Cor
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> Subject: Re: Cyanotype chemicals need cooking?
> I would suspect they purchased the Mike Ware version from PF. Initial
> steps include keeping solution at 120 degrees F.
> Cheers, Doug
> On Jul 7, 2008, at 6:38 PM, Linda Stinchfield wrote:
> Hi,
> A couple of weeks ago I did a one-day cyanotype workshop for members of my
> book arts group. They were very enthusiastic, and one friend in particular
> was keen to try more. I recommended getting the chemicals at Keeble &
> Shucatt, a local store that carries kits from Photographer's Formulary.
> But she lives over in the East Bay and she ended up getting them somewhere
> in Berkeley. When I asked how it went, she replied, "David and I cooked up
> the brew (we had to buy chemicals and cook them in the dark on the stove).
> It was the only solution I could find in Berkeley.  Anyway.... The mid
> tones are great, the blue is soft and the process was easy." 
> Her reference to cooking the chemicals really baffled me. I've never
> cooked them, and have never seen anything in the literature about it-- but
> I admit I'm somewhat new to this myself. Is this something that is
> rendered un-necessary by using the Photographer's Formulary kits?  
> Thanks,
> Linda