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Re: Cyanotype chemicals need cooking?

Thank you all for the input and clarification. I'll send this along to my friend as well.


On Jul 8, 2008, at 1:08 AM, Loris Medici wrote:

Probably they were referring to the making of New Cyanotype solution - as
noted by Doug...

For both New Cyanotype and Classic Cyanotype I mix the solutions away from
(UV rich) daylight, under a fairly strong (100W) incandescent light
source. I even mixed the solutions under - again, fairly strong (23W) -
spiral fluorescent light bulb and never experienced any adverse effects.

To prepare New Cyanotype sensitizer: I simply boil water, let it cool to
around 60-70C / 140-160F (nothing precise; I just wait until I'm out of
patience - which usually takes a fairly short time) and then prepare and
mix the solutions in above stated lighting conditions. No problems at

I think it's overkill (and dangerous - especially with hot solutions) to
work in dark (or excessively darkened) environment for mixing the


8 Temmuz 2008, Salı, 10:04 am tarihinde, C.Breukel@lumc.nl yazmış:
To only reason I can think of, in case of the classic Cyanotype recipe ,
to boil it, is to sterilise the solution. Bugs like to feed on the
Amonnium Ferric Citrate. Not sure if boiling is harmless to both chemicals



From: dhowk [mailto:dhowk@comcast.net]
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Subject: Re: Cyanotype chemicals need cooking?

I would suspect they purchased the Mike Ware version from PF. Initial
steps include keeping solution at 120 degrees F.
Cheers, Doug

On Jul 7, 2008, at 6:38 PM, Linda Stinchfield wrote:


A couple of weeks ago I did a one-day cyanotype workshop for members of my
book arts group. They were very enthusiastic, and one friend in particular
was keen to try more. I recommended getting the chemicals at Keeble &
Shucatt, a local store that carries kits from Photographer's Formulary.
But she lives over in the East Bay and she ended up getting them somewhere
in Berkeley. When I asked how it went, she replied, "David and I cooked up
the brew (we had to buy chemicals and cook them in the dark on the stove).
It was the only solution I could find in Berkeley. Anyway.... The mid
tones are great, the blue is soft and the process was easy."

Her reference to cooking the chemicals really baffled me. I've never
cooked them, and have never seen anything in the literature about it-- but
I admit I'm somewhat new to this myself. Is this something that is
rendered un-necessary by using the Photographer's Formulary kits?