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Two things:

To answer your question, I have the MSDS sheets from Kodak for the two formulae, not with me, but the most I can see is one is a thiocyanate and one is a potassium hydroxide. I think in the neighborhood of 5% for each but don't know as I don't have the sheets in front of me, being in MN right now.

Two, I should tell people (I got too excited and jumped the gun) don't email Eric just yet as they are WORKING on getting the stuff, it is not there as of yet. So as soon as I find out the availability I will email again. But I would much prefer to buy it than to make it because there are other ingredients in the Kodak formulae under 1%...

There were those on the list doing chemigrams years ago--was it Jon Lybrook?
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It would be better to make it by ourselves, like some other things. I am trying to not rely on ready-made and "secret" items. Are there any alternative formulas?

I am soooo excited. For those of you chromoskedasic sabattier junkies out there, we all know that Kodak quit selling the small versions and/or the big versions of S2 and S30 activator and stabilizer (respectively). Another company that used to make it is Portertown. They quit, too. Well, found out today that Freestyle carries it! I think it will be under the brand name of Clayton, and it is special order--they have to buy it 12 qt. a time, but at LEAST someone carries it! So chromo is back in business.
Chris PS if it doesn't appear on the website, it is Eric Joseph who knows the hap; etjoseph@freestylephoto.biz