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Jon, The heat drying of paper should in and of itself change the paper. What you are probably seeing is a lack of humidity in the paper and due to the speed change of PT and PD you may be seeing that effect. PD gets slower with lower humidity so if your prints are primarily PD then you may expect a slower print. The PT will get faster. What you see will depend on how much of each is there, whether or not you re humidify your paper and what FO or AFO are you using.


AS for drying the finished/processed print, a room fan with the drying screens works OK if you keep a clean “house”.




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Does the heat drying of sensitised (Australian spelling) papers result, in your opinion, in one grade more or less contrast? I use a hair dryer, as Dan mentioned he grew sick of but have not been made aware by any of my lessons in and reading of the Pt/Pd process about an effect on contrast.

PS: My first post/response to the list!

2008/7/12 Dan Burkholder <fdanb@aol.com>:
> The print dryer that Jon Edwards sells (www.eepjon.com) uses a gentle and
> controllable heat that circulates over the prints. I use it to dry coated
> prints but and wouldn't use it for drying washed prints given its
> contamination with coating dust and such but there no reason it wouldn't
> make a swell dryer for washed prints if you used it for just that task. The
> dryer I have is actually his prototype and it has been working wonderfully
> for about 12 years. I sure don't miss waving a hair dryer back and forth all
> day long. ;^)
> Hope this helps,
> Dan
> info@DanBurkholder.com
> www.DanBurkholder.com
> On Jul 11, 2008, at 8:49 PM, Schuyler Grace wrote:
> Is anyone on the list using a heated print dryer (Premier or Arkay, for
> example) to dry Pt/Pd or other alt prints?  I was considering buying one to
> replace and/or augment air drying on screens, but I leery of anything that
> uses heat on a print, dry mount presses included.
> Thanks!
> -Schuyler
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