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Herzog. Any relation to Werner?


On Jul 14, 2008, at 12:38 PM, Don Bryant wrote:

Dear Alters,

Sorry Chris, I don't mean to hijack your thread, but what is really sad for
me is the whole saga of Kodachrome film dying a slow death. It appears that
it will be discontinued this year or next.

No, I'm not trying to preach doom and gloom as the moderators on APUG are
fond of saying. The year that Kodak stopped producing K25 was the year I
stopped shooting Kodachrome. There was something special about how that film
responded to light that I've not seen digital imaging or other films touch.
Man, give me a roll of Kodachrome 25 and a Nikon/Leica camera and I'm all
set. Just look at the color work of Ernst Haas, Harry Callahan, Fred Herzog,
Esther Bubley, Jim Hughes, and Helen Levitt to name just a few.

For a little bit of Kodachrome inspiration take a look at some of the work
by Herzog:


or Haas


In all honesty though, Kodachrome processing is really costly, complex, and
nasty; so it's demise is just a sign of the times. As its legacy fades into
the past at least the slides won't fade away so quickly.

Don Bryant