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Re: Do dichromates change with age?

You know what is interesting? The mold is not on the ones from the early 60's but the ones from late 70's, so I wonder if Kodak quit putting formalin or something in their Kodachromes. All were stored in the same place. Or maybe the storage boxes changed...who knows, but the molded ones would require so much digital touchup it is not worth it. BUT they're great "alt" shots, heheheheheh.

Keep the moldy slides away from the rest of your stuff! In a different
building if possible! With that many slides and negatives you'll
definitely need to sept up something faster than a scanner. I would
rig up a dslr copy devise, like a good macro lens or an enlarging lens
on bellows, and zip through them quickly.
I've found some of my old negatives silvering out. Not fun trying to
rescue them either.