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RE: HP Z3100 and negatives.


Thanks! I've been reading reciews the past two days. Of course, little about
digital negs is covered, if at all.  There is quite a bit on forums about
the drivers not working well on Vista, so I am leaning towards the 7880. The
HP's look good on paper though!


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Hi Dick,
I just give it a try with and it block uv quite well. Just ask someone who 
try this printer to print a set of gray scale ( curved ann uncurved and 
also some colored) and some of the curves were perfect. I also use a 7800 
which also quite good but the HP test let me think that it is also a good 
solution for digital  negative
Chris Nze

At 21:14 14/07/2008, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any experience with the HP Z3100 and making digital 
>negatives. I am in the market and want to supplement our Epson 9800 with a 
>24 incher.
>--Dick Sullivan