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Re: Photopolymer Photo Gravure Press Questions

On 7/16/08, Jon Lybrook <jon@intaglioeditions.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the info Jack.  Didn't realize smaller rollers delivered more
> pressure, so it must be more to do with the evenness of the pressure. Larger
> rollers covers more area of the paper at once, if that makes sense, since
> it's not perfectly tangential relationship to the bed due to the blankets,
> etc.


The fact that a smaller diameter makes a narrower line of contact is
the reason for more pressure on the plate (per square in.) with the
same pressure on the adjusting screws and frame. The wider line of
pressure with a larger roller gives more dwell time during which the
paper can get into the recesses of the plate and bond with the ink.
Dwell time can also be extended with slower travel time through the

Is it your experience that a photogravure needs more pressure than
other intaglio plates might need?