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RE: dreamy Nikon lenses

Hi Christina, I think it is the lens. In the 40's lens were not coated and,
because of lens flare, bright image areas tended to bleed and produce
dreamy, glowy images. I had a friend using old screw mount leica lenses and
he often got this effect - white areas bleeding and creating a halo. If the
lens has some scratches it is even better :-)


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Good morning!
Some of you are quite knowledgeable on lenses.  Do you know of a Nikon 35mm
lens that would have been in use in, say, the 40's, that produced really
dreamy, glowy images?

The slides I have are from the 40's to the 70's and there is a major
difference in lens between earlier and later.  Or was it the film?  I pulled
apart one of the glass slides and it is Kodak "safety" film.