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RE: glass slides

Just an idea.  If you find a Carousel projector, remove the carousel.  It is
very possible that you can put the glass slides in one at a time.  I seem to
recall that the slot that accepted the slides had a rather wide opening.  It
had two spring loaded metal flanges (one on each side) so it is quite
possible that it is wide enough for a glass mounted slide.  You push it down
and, when you want to retrieve it, you just hit the advance button and it
will pop up.  You wouldn't enjoy the convenience of the carousel but at
least you may be able to project them.

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My grandmother used to project her glass slides with a projector made by 
Argus.  I don't know a model number, but it worked entirely manually. It 
had a sliding mechanism that stuck out from the side, and loaded the 
slide from the side rather than the top.  I would suspect any of the 
older projectors that did not automatically load slides from a tray 
would work.

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Does anyone know a model number of a projector that would be able to 
> project the old aluminum frame glass 35mm slides?  The frame is quite 
> thick and will not work in my slide projector.  The slides will 
> descend but are heavy enough to stay in the slide "hole" and not come 
> up by the spring mechanism, and I don't want to tax the spring 
> mechanism of my slide projector. I figure if I could google a model 
> number I might have better luck finding some such thing on ebay.
> Slides are from 40's-50's, maybe earlier.  There are two types of 
> aluminum frames; the later ones have plastic "loc" backs, the older 
> ones have sort of an empty back.
> Chris
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