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Re: question re salt prints

Salt is a very long scale process- like a poor man's platinum as it is called. I can describe my curve but curves generally are person/process/printer/etc. specific so giving a curve doesn't always work. It also depends on if using black or colored inks completely, and I use colored inks with no black ink, and add 15% ink density.

I wonder if you couldn't use a silver curve from Dan Burkholder's website as a substitute for salt? check out danburkholder.com I think it is...

Anyway, my salt curve is a gradual inverted S curve, midpoint at about 127/87 input output, and raises gradually on the left bottom side of the curve palette and plummets more drastically on the right top side of the curve. Try to mimic that and you'll get somewhere.
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Does anyone have or know of curves for creating dig negs for making salt prints?

Best info on making salt prints? I know the Alt Photography website. Info from list members?