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Re: 7800 printer problem

Hi Peg,

Bout that's a new one!

Try installing the latest driver from Epson again—sometimes it doesn't take.  First, delete all the printer drivers from the list where you add printers and then just add the New Epson Driver after it is installed.

On Jul 24, 2008, at 3:39:08 PM, pfredi@bellsouth.net wrote:
 mark, i am trying to print some negs on my 7800 printer using tiger software and cs3. when you worked with me i was using cs2 and the os system before the tiger. when i pull up the print dialogue box,  everything from print setting down has a line thru it and a note says 'the bundle 'colormanagement' could not be loaded because it does not contain a version for the current architecture. it says that for everything. i tried to download a new driver from epson but that doesnt seem to work either. it says its installed but i cant get to anything. do you have any idea whats going on with this??
Peg Fredi, MFA