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Re: OT: New Texas Law

Fascism is alive and well more recently in this country.

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Mark Nelson
On Jul 27, 2008, at 12:20:44 PM, "Erie Patsellis" <erie@shelbyvilledesign.com> wrote:
ender100 wrote:
> Deborah,
> I'm glad you posted itI will take a look. From what I can see from
> this article, a combination of this law and some stupidity on the part
> of the authorities may have ruined this poor guy's life. Geez. Just
> what we need, more stupid laws. People from other countries visiting
> here get the sense from all the rules, laws, restrictions, etc we have
> that we may not be quite as free as we think we are.
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> Mark Nelson
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And, in some ways, they'd be correctly surmising what others fail to
see. There is a general trend towards limiting our rights, you'd have to
be blind, or brainwashed not to see that in the name of so called
"national security" authorities can do whatever they want to whomever,
and not have to justify their actions.

I had an interesting conversation the other day with an old timer in
town, who was a child in the 30's in Germany. There are some scary times
ahead unless we make some changes, that's for sure.