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Re: Register punch

I've used a three hole punch.  My punch makes holes just a little larger than 
1/4 inch - it makes 9/32 inch holes.  I started using wooden dowels sanded 
down, but found that hobby shops carry small diameter metal tubing in a 
variety of sizes.

See http://www.hobbyplace.com/materials/metal.php

I had a friend with a metal lathe cut these into short lengths and used them 
for pins.

Without a metal lathe, it may be possible to cut these with a fine toothed 
hack saw.  Its likely necessary to put a piece of wooden doweling inside the 
tubing to prevent it from collapsing while its being cut.

Its also possible to get bar stock (round metal rod) in unusual diameters from 
specialty suppliers.  

On Tuesday 05 August 2008 2:01:49 pm Don Sweet wrote:
> If you keep trying you may get one from ebay.  You probably know it makes
> odd-shaped holes, which match only a Kodak register frame; one is useless
> without the other.
> A possible alternative is to buy a 3-hole punch from a stationer, use it to
> punch a set of holes in some fairly stiff paper, then send the paper to a
> toolmaker who can make you some register pins to match the holes.  If you
> can't find a way get that done near your home, I know someone who can do it
> for you in New Zealand.
> Don Sweet
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>   Subject: Register punch
>   Does anyone know if and where I can get hold of a Kodak Register Punch -
> alternatively something that works even better....?
>   Bjørn

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