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Re: Aviso back issues

On Sat, 9 Aug 2008, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

The Photographic Arts book by John Wood got me on this tangent. He goes quite a lot into Mettoyer's work (as well as Spagnoli), both names that are still current. Anyone into cyanotype would appreciate buying a used copy of that book because there are a lot of cyanos in there (despite the caveat that he dissed Dugdale and has, of course, since been proven wrong by first Judy and then history).
Actually, I was impressed with how quickly Wood "got" the point and adjusted his thinking. I'd also found his discussion of cyano, et al, sensitive and apt. That was so long ago (in every respect) I can't say this absolutely, but I have a hunch that there just wasn't a lot of appreciation for a quixotic sensibility at that time (they would have put Loretta Lux in the garbage pail) -- and if you look back at John D's early work, it really really was/is.