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Re: Eliminating CaCO3 in buffer in "achival" watercolor papers

Merci Etienne. I will go with acetic acid first, will keep that in mind.
Have you used this method with Fabriano Artistico (old version / new Trad.


12 Ağustos 2008, Salı, 8:38 pm tarihinde, etienne garbaux yazmış:
> I still use HCl to clear Pt prints, and an HCl pre-coating bath (in
> both cases, followed by a tap water wash and two distilled water
> rinses).  The pre-coating bath (i) neutralizes any alkaline buffering
> agent and (ii) dissolves the microscopic metal flecks that sometimes
> appear in paper (from worn calendaring rollers, I'm told) and ruin Pt
> prints.  I generally use 0.5% HCl for both, although I have used up
> to 2% in the pre-coating bath for some troublesome papers.  My
> routine is 10 minutes prior to coating, 5 minutes to clear.
> Best regards,
> etienne