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Thanks, Judy and Jack,

I just got it a couple days ago. Pretty shocking to see me in print.

LOL My hubby will be thrilled you liked the photograph because he took it. I can't wait to tell him this, but he is in the mountains way up in the wilderness on horseback incommunicato now as I speak--hopefully still alive and not eaten by bear, mountain lion, or wolf.

When Freestyle contacted me for a photograph I am embarrassed to admit I had none. I had one from back in 2005 that was on my website when I had accidentally dyed my hair penny red right after grad school (long story). So I knew I had to update a photo. So one day I made my hubby go outside in the back yard and photograph me. Of course, the Montana wind was in full gale force that day and hence the wind-blown look. Really very unintentional and I did send Freestyle other choices but that was the one they chose.

But hey, I didn't pay a DIME for the photograph and I only pay $30 for a haircut in Bozeman so I'm ahead of Edwards by FAR. And I have no virile young men photographing me in a video either....

Perfect timing of the catalog cover to slip into my 3rd year retention notebook which I am working day and night on right now and why I am still on the $%$&&*!! computer tonight.

Christina Z. Anderson
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I'd expected to find raves for Chris's SMASHING photo on the cover of Freestyle mag Fall '08 when I logged on tonight.

(Somehow I still get that in the mail -- so maybe it gets to NY first? At least something should.)

In any event, it's fabulous, Chris... You look wonderful -- and GREAT haircut ! (Who took it?)