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2 cyano formulae

Speaking of toning cyanotypes

We cannot let a day go by w/out recognizing "The World Journal of Post-Factory Photography", which, in Issue #7
has an article on page 36-38 by Judy Seigel about toning cyanotypes. It has most of the info you will need.

Here are my two formulae, not used or tried now for a few years. However I still have my print, made on a good quality cotton torn from an old bed sheet that is black, faded just a bit, but still black.

Brown-Black Toner for Cyanotype  (1)


Solution A  

1 teaspoon tannic acid in one liter of water.

Solution B   

2 teaspoons of sodium carbonate in one liter of water.
  Immerse print dry or presoaked, but not just right out of wash water from being made, into solution A for about two minutes.
Wash in clear water for about a minute.
Immerse in solution B for less than a minute and rinse again.
Put the print in solution A again and watch carefuly. Remove it BEFORE it gets to the color you want.

Brown-Black Toner for Cyanotype (2)

Place dry print in Ammonia solution ( 12.6 ml per liter)
When bleached, place in Tannic Acid bath (23 gm per liter of water)

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