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You are so on target! With the recent discussions on color modifiers, I have never found one, natural or synthetic, that did not degrade the cyanotype image. Have you? Joachim  
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You can use almost any paper for cyanotype except for buffered papers. Buffered papers
contain an alkali which is put into the paper to neutralize acids. Unfortunatly these substances
also bleach cyanotypes. I used to use a lot of Rives BFK for cyanotypes. It is a cold press paper and has a lot of texture. I was told that it is buffered but this is a myth. It is not. A hot press paper will
give you a nice print if you want to show detail.
Cyanotype can be printed on organic fabrics such as cotton and silk as well as some smooth finished wood and unglazed ceramics In short, anything that will absorb the sensitizer.
There are those who look down thier nose at cyanotype but, in my opinion, it has a range which
is very close to that of platinum.

BTW cyanotype can be toned to achieve colors other that blue and white.

Good luck with your work and welcome to alternative process printing.

Bob Schramm

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        I am just starting in cyanotypes and i was wondering what paper is the best to buy(for a beginner)

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