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Degradation - Toned Cyanotypes

That depends on what you mean by degradation... See one of my split toned
cyanotypes below:


This was bleached in a weak Sodium Carbonate solution, and then toned in
tannic acid (snatched the print before darkest tones got bleached). I like
its tonally and the complexity of the color. I wouldn't call this
degradation at all. AFAIK, prints toned that way are pretty stable - but
not as stable as plain untoned cyanotypes...


24 Ağustos 2008, Pazar, 12:20 am tarihinde, joachim oppenheimer yazmış:
> You are so on target! With the recent discussions on color modifiers, I
> have
> never found one, natural or synthetic, that did not degrade the cyanotype
> image. Have you? Joachim

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