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Re: Oxalate ferric

Thank you for your Help
With your Oxalat ferric, you obtain dark Black ?
Are you a web site to see your Palladium
What is the différence betwenn FeCl3 or FeCl3.6H2O ?
Best regards
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Read the "procedure for making ferric oxalate "
Change "200 g.of ferric ammonium sulfate" in "25 g. FeCl3 (or 40 g. FeCl3.6 H2O)"
Change "Add 100 ml of strong ammonium hydroxyde" in "add ammonia"
Change "now take a 1 foot.....etc..." in " use a coffee-filter holder with a coffee-filter"

and make your own FO with the" Sullivan method"


Philippe Berger schreef:
Thank you it is very intéressant
Are you possible to describe the process with a little texte with the quantité of chemical
2 FeCl3 + 6 NH4OH --> 2 Fe(OH)3 + 6 NH4Cl

2 Fe(OH)
3 + 3 H2C2O4  --->  Fe2(C2O4)3 + 6 H2O

 162 g. FeCl
3 --> 107 g. Fe(OH)3

107 g. Fe(OH)3 needs 87 g. H2C2O4

25 g. FeCl3 =  40 g. FeCl3.6 H2O
Thank you it is very interesting but I did not understand everything Know you write the successive stages with chemicals and quantities of chemicals
Thank you for your help

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