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Re: RES: Scanning

Jack's advice seems right on target too. That Epson V700 is sweet; they have a model a bit more expensive (V750?) that comes with tray and stuff for liquid mounting of slides and chromes. Neat but not what you'd want in a classroom situation.

About scanning software. A few years ago I had a conflict with a SCSI card and Polaroid software. It looked like a new SCSI card was in order but I was loath to purchase one of those 'cause SCSI was a dying protocol. Instead, VueScan software (www.Hamrick.com) saved the day. VueScan supports HUNDREDS of scanners, has a clean interface and, if you get the Pro version (not that much more $$), you get lifetime upgrades so you'll never be stuck spending more money for Snow Leopard, Vista Service Pack 583 or anything else down the road. It's very good scanning software that you can use on just about any scanner on the planet.

Hope this helps!



On Aug 28, 2008, at 1:05 AM, Jack Fulton wrote:

The only glitch in that I hear is that if you work w/Macs like I presume most
of us do, once Snow Leopard appears Nikon will not write software for it. However, the SilverFast people do
and will.