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OT San Francisco Workshop-Precision Digital Negatives &Platinum/Palladium Printing

Dear Alt Photo Members,
Please forgive the self-promotion!

Precision Digital Negatives & the Platinum/Palladium Print

In San Francisco 

Four Day Hands On Workshop

Monday, November 3 — Thursday, November 6, 2008

With Mark Nelson

This will be an exciting workshop with a lot of new information. Not only will you learn the PDN system and use it to successfully make beautiful Platinum/Palladium prints, but also you should go home with the knowledge and skills to use this system with your own workflow and equipment for Platinum/Palladium and other alternative photographic printing processes.

We will cover:

* Calibration of the alternative process to make a digital negative.

* Conversion of RGB images to monochrome.

* A simple workflow for preparing images to make negatives.

* Crafting digital negatives.

* Making Hybrid Curves with Curve Calculator II.

* The best methods of tweaking chemistry & negative to make the perfect print.

* Maximizing tonality in prints.

* How to coat, print, and successfully process Platinum & Palladium prints—it’s foolproof!

* The latest information from my work on controlling humidity and PT/PD emulsion speed!

Location:  Ed Carey Studio, http://www.edcareyphoto.com/, at 930 Alabama Street in San Francisco. Ed & Holly Carey, are both great photographers and great hosts.  They have a 6,000 square foot studio that includes Max, a wonderful Golden Retriever.

We will also take an evening field trip to Ed Carey’s new gallery, Gallery 291 and see the current show.  We may also have a surprise guest photographer appear at the visit and show work  J

Email me at ender100@aol.com for further information and to sign up!