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sizing paper

Dear all,
Nice Sunday morning, hope all who live in Texas are doing well...Clay Harmon and the Texas contigent? Any damages from Hurricane Ike? I've been glued to the news, having relatives in Harlingen and Austin. I wish I could go back to Haiti after Gustav and Hannah wreaked havoc there. They've got to need intense amounts of aid now. You'd think a country couldn't be worse off and then...it can. Makes Montana winters look not so bad.

I spent most of the weekend being uncreative, sizing 80 sheets of 16x20 for a Family of Origin project I am working on. One has to do these kinds of things in Montana when the weather cooperates.

I took a picture of sizing paper Montana style and thought I would share how even lawn mowers, rakes, brooms, and ladders are used in my process :) I bet others on the list are just as creative--Keith, you use your garage, too?


Running out of sized paper in the middle of a project is a PITA...

Christina Z. Anderson