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Re: sizing paper

Chris - that is a very familiar scene!

Except our lawnmower is a tad smaller...



On 14/9/08 16:58, "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Nice Sunday morning, hope all who live in Texas are doing well...Clay Harmon
> and the Texas contigent?  Any damages from Hurricane Ike?  I've been glued
> to the news, having relatives in Harlingen and Austin. I wish I could go
> back to Haiti after Gustav and Hannah wreaked havoc there.  They've got to
> need intense amounts of aid now.  You'd think a country couldn't be worse
> off and then...it can. Makes Montana winters look not so bad.
> I spent most of the weekend being uncreative, sizing 80 sheets of 16x20 for
> a Family of Origin project I am working on. One has to do these kinds of
> things in Montana when the weather cooperates.
>  I took a picture of sizing paper Montana style and thought I would share
> how even lawn mowers, rakes, brooms, and ladders are used in my process :) I
> bet others on the list are just as creative--Keith, you use your garage,
> too?
> http://christinaanderson.visualserver.com/Text_page.cfm?pID=2076
> Running out of sized paper in the middle of a project is a PITA...
> Chris
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> Christina Z. Anderson
> http://christinaZanderson.com/
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