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Medium format digital

I'm looking to move from my 4x5 Deardorff to a medium format digital system and am weighing the merits of Hasselblad vs. Mamiya and their new digital cameras vs. putting a Leaf back onto one of the older film style cameras (the Mamiya RZ67, the Hasselblad 501, 503, or possibly even the Hassy Flexback ).I currently don't have a medium format camera aside from an old Rolle, so will have to pretty much start from scratch. Has anyone in the group experience or opinions on either of these? I'm wondering about sensor size in respect to the internal image projection size, the resolution of lenses made for digital imaging vs. those for film, costs of the cameras as well as parts availability (lenses and such). Predominantly, I'm an outdoor shooter currently working on a project of documenting dolmens and stone circles in Northern Ireland. 

I'd love to hear you all weigh in before I go out and make a wrong choice.

Thanks in advance,

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