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Hans, I predominantly use a 503 mated with a Phase One H20 digital back. This delivers stunning quality with any Hasselblad lens- I currently use a 120mm macro Sonnar and a very old 50mm w/a. I couldn't tell you the chip size but it's not far off 4cm sq and delivers a 46Mb processed tiff of 13.6" sq @ 300dpi- more than adequate for most requirements.
I use this camera in spite of having the use of a Leaf Aptus and its pointless (for my uses) 98Mb processed files, and an array of top end Nikons (D3, D2x etc). This back is discountinued but you will be able to pick up a reconditioned one with laptop for around 2500. the software is basic but very useable and is what I would buy if I wanted such a thing for personal use. Hope this helps, Julian.
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Subject: Medium format digital

I'm looking to move from my 4x5 Deardorff to a medium format digital
system and am weighing the merits of Hasselblad vs. Mamiya and their
new digital cameras vs. putting a Leaf back onto one of the older
film style cameras (the Mamiya RZ67, the Hasselblad 501, 503, or
possibly even the Hassy Flexback ).I currently don't have a medium
format camera aside from an old Rolle, so will have to pretty much
start from scratch. Has anyone in the group experience or opinions on
either of these? I'm wondering about sensor size in respect to the
internal image projection size, the resolution of lenses made for
digital imaging vs. those for film, costs of the cameras as well as
parts availability (lenses and such). Predominantly, I'm an outdoor
shooter currently working on a project of documenting dolmens and
stone circles in Northern Ireland.

I'd love to hear you all weigh in before I go out and make a wrong

Thanks in advance,

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