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Re: thanks

Many thanks to Clay Harmon for the reality check -- of course I read it in my morning Times, but there's so much else there -- besides which none of it had the immediacy and human feel of Clay's report. Very well done. It should be part of "the literature." It also came at a good time for me personally.

I was in a snit because our accountant (yes we delayed our tax return, didn't everybody?) is tormenting me about a payment of $7 in interest reported in '06 that isn't accounted for in '07, and a couple of other similar federal crimes. (I haven't a clue, having received no paper on it, and on a day when I'm reading about the billions lost by Lehman Bros, IPG, and the other gangs, where nobody will personally get even a cross word, that really down dragged my mood -- especially before breakfast.

"That's beside the point," was the reply from accountant & co: "If YOU have an audit they don't care about Lehman Bros."... In fact I'm obviously easier pickings than they are.. AHA -- tax evasion uncovered !!!

Thanks also to Christina for being a good sport about my rant on liquor stores. Unlike the paperwork on interest amounts of $7 and under, here I am absolutely untouchable. I think it's in the DNA --- my mother, my son and I, none of us like alcohol. In fact I remember once maybe 70 years ago when we turned off Jack Benny to watch my mother try to drink a few sips of wine. Evidently the new spit tests show whether you can curl your tongue, wiggle your ears or smell asparagus in your urine, I haven't heard of one about alcohol... (But it did get me an excellent husband I've still got hold of: I was a really cheap date.)