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wet strength was Re: Paper for Pt/Pd

A propos of wet strength I mention (again, years later) what solved that problem for me with gum, which requires much handling, using practically tissue paper. Don't know if it will work with platinum, but don't see why not.

Go to hardware store and buy a piece of window screen material (as I recall it was vinyl, tho any synthetic -- not metal -- should do) as wide as your tray and enough longer so that it will stick out left and right. (Or trim to size.)

Lay it in the tray with both left and right ends sticking out for handles. Pour in solution, add paper... which will, when wet, cling to the lifted screen, with no effort on your part, so you can drain, or move, or dunk, or whatever, by lifting the screen from one or both ends.

Just don't let the paper dry on the screen, which would (I assume) leave a pattern. Otherwise foolproof (IME).