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Re: wet strength was Re: Paper for Pt/Pd

This is a very nice suggestion / advice! Will keep that in mind for PIA
thin papers & large print sizes. Thanks!

(This is better than using a plexi support sheet.)


19 Eylül 2008, Cuma, 3:30 am tarihinde, Judy Seigel yazmış:
> ...
> Go to hardware store and buy a piece of window screen material (as I
> recall it was vinyl, tho any synthetic -- not metal -- should do) as wide
> as your tray and enough longer so that it will stick out left and right.
> (Or trim to size.)
> Lay it in the tray with both left and right ends sticking out for handles.
> Pour in solution, add paper... which will, when wet, cling to the lifted
> screen, with no effort on your part, so you can drain, or move, or
> dunk, or whatever, by lifting the screen from one or both ends.
> Just don't let the paper dry on the screen, which would (I assume) leave a
> pattern. Otherwise foolproof (IME).