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RE: Paper for Pt/Pd

The paper (that I was sold was Diplomat with a Cranes's watermark) lost some
of its color in ammonium citrate/EDTA/Phoenix AZ tap water wash (our water
runs acidic and hard).  I also got black spots, either on the surface, or
within the paper, that I would have to curate off with an Xacto knife.

When used "fresh" from the batch I ordered, it lost more color and I didn't
notice the spots.  After sitting for two years, it kept more color, but had
spots.  I'm not sure I trust a paper which has properties that seem to
change over time in the same batch.  Regardless of time, though, the
watermark never interfered with the image (in the cases I wasn't able to cut
around it).

	Dan H.

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Maybe it's the hot POx but, whereas the Diploma parchment starts out  
warmer than even Cranes Platino, after processing and drying, it's  
lost some of its creaminess. Anyone else have this experience?



On Sep 17, 2008, at 4:13 PM, Brian Pawlowski wrote:

> I too noticed the much warmer cream color of Diploma parchment.
> I would run a test print or few - it might work well with the warmer
> Palladium look?