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Re: Ruined 3rd tricolor gum print! Grrrr...

I tried the tricolor printing since a long time with a lot of paperbasket results.
Since two weeks i am flabbergasted, it works really great just by manipulating the three negs , but that is a different one .
The last layer with cyan brings for me the real thing (the older ones , starting with cyan, the blue stays too prominent for me); if my dictionary is right in translating 'flakes', i think it is more or less the same as the 'fish-eyes', anyway, I have the same phenomena (also with some monochrome gumprints , often after a third coating) and the remedy which works for me, is just continuing the smoothing with a fresh hakebrush.
It is like bromoil: continue until RSI lets you stop ....

On 22 sep 2008, at 15:34, Loris Medici wrote:

Hi all,

I'm trying tricolor gum printing using plain paper negatives.

I start with yellow (Schmincke 208 Aureolin Modern PY151 Benzimidazolone),
then I print the magenta (Schmincke 351 Ruby Red PV19 Quinacridone Red)
and everything (tonality, smoothness, color) is good & nice up to here...

As the last layer, I print the cyan (Schmincke 479 Helio Cerulean PB15:3
Phtalocyanine Blue) and somehow it's too overwhelming, very uneven, and it
flakes like crazy!

Pigment amounts are as following:
1. Yellow, pea sized, into 3.75ml gum + 3.75ml dichromate
2. Magenta, lentil sized (read as: half of yellow), same as 1
3. Cyan, lentil sized (same as magenta), same as 1

Exposure times and dichromate amounts are the same for all three layers
(15mins., 20% ammonium dichromate). I use automatic development for 30
minutes, sometimes a little longer according to how it looks.

I don't know why I'm having this problem but will try to (all together):
a) Print in the opposite order (1. Cyan, 2. Magenta, 3. Yellow)
b) Use even less cyan pigment to match the color intensity of previous layers
c) Try to not panic while struggling to coat an extra even cyan layer...

What can you say? Any ideas on why I'm stuck that way?

Thanks in advance,