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Re: Ruined 3rd tricolor gum print! Grrrr...

Isn't it neat when gum starts working out for you! I just got an offlist message from a woman who has been doing gum for over 30 years that I never knew and I was pleased that she was still doing it, unlike Demachy who "got it" and then gave it up after 10 years.

Henk says:
The last layer with cyan brings for me the real thing (the older ones , starting with cyan, the blue stays too prominent for me);
I agree, too, Henk. With the cyan the print all of a sudden looks normal. It's like an AHA when it is done. The print up on my website that has a lot of blue background, however, is Delft Blue (Snake 2). This color PB60 is a wonderful final coat--a bit more muted and more red of a blue than thalo.

my dictionary is right in translating 'flakes', i think it is more or less the same as the 'fish-eyes', anyway, I have the same phenomena (also with some monochrome gumprints , often after a third coating) and the remedy which works for me, is just continuing the smoothing with a fresh hakebrush.
"Flakes" is after exposure and during the development bath--bits of the gum layer falls off and produces a gritty texture.

"Fish-eyes" is during coating.