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Re: Presses for Photogravure/Gravure/Photopolymer

American French Tool Press Table Top model?  If you don't mind waiting a while?

On Sep 24, 2008, at 8:29:28 PM, "Brian Pawlowski" <beepy@netapp.com> wrote:
From:"Brian Pawlowski" <beepy@netapp.com>
Subject:Presses for Photogravure/Gravure/Photopolymer
Date:September 24, 2008 8:29:28 PM CDT
Hey. Don't want to argue about what a photogravure is:-)
Just wanted a little advice on presses.

I'm using the KM73 plates, and I'm about happy with what I have
in terms of production... I'm producing plates.

I tried to run it through a very very small etching press and I am
simply not getting anywhere near enough pressure to draw the ink onto
the (dampened Rives) paper. I clamped it down further and when I turn
the handles I lift the press:-)

I used some large oder presses with photopolymer plates at Kala Institute
in Berkeley, so think the final thing here is to get a beefy press
for intaglio work.

Any recommendations? I am sitting on a quote from a few months back
from Takach for the 3060 table top press. Though they suggested maybe
a 3450 floor press.

This is big. I could go smaller. But other options besides Takach?