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Re: Recent work: was Re: tri-color gum at last , nr 2

ok, my very first attempts in gumprinting, these are only the monochrome ones... the tri-colour ones, I'm just not satisfied enough to share *blush*



2008/9/26 Christina Z. Anderson <zphoto@montana.net>
I like your brush strokes, Laura...very expressionistic.   Nice dance images!

It's really fun to push the gum expression in all different ways. I've been really having fun with this scraping out completely different areas thing. Thanks for the encouragement!

Christina Z. Anderson
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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Don't stop with the gum prints either :)  I love it when people post URLs to a print they are working on. It makes the list more active.  I wish more people would be less shy about showing their work.

Ok, I'll bite :)

Here are 2 prints I did to take a break from another series that I had started and was getting frustrated with trying to get predictable results. In these 2 prints, I used some soft focus images and more or less randomly chose colors to work with just to see what would happen. Gum is supposed to be painterly, no?


Christina...about your scraped prints. I say scrape away! It adds another dimension to the look. So what if it's not a "purist" approach (whatever that is).