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Re: oil printing

On Thu, 25 Sep 2008, Alberto Novo wrote:

Only a pea-size dot of ink is needed for oil or bromoil printing, and I am not sure there is turpentine in the (modern) ink composition. Is it too much for your allergy?
I wash my brushes with shampoo (first concentrated, then diluting with some water) and only from time to time I need to give them a solvent rinse. Alberto
I've been checking my bookshelves about "oil printing" starting with stuff from about 1903 -- found some interesting info which I'll report on when I've read through this queue...

(I miss just one day on this list & come back to nearly 100 e-mails... thank goodness for SPAM -- about 20 of them).

As for the turpentine allergy, it is extreme, or was -- after maybe 30 years I think it's cooled down -- but when it was on, I was so sensitized that when I sat in a chair one evening that an artist working with turpentine had sat in 8 hours earlier, I woke up at 3 AM with giant (like the size of half grapefruits) hives on my arms...

I hadn't realized the amounts of ink were so tiny, or that you could clean your brushes some other way -- but I was very much pre-occupied elsewhere at the time, so it was easy to pass up... I also think the general warning could be useful. (If I'd been warned, I'd have been more careful -- though that was my first sign of allergy.)

I also recall one student who was OK in my "non-silver" class, with dichromate, etc. (tho I smacked them if they put their hands in it) but went into anaphylactic shock in silkscreen, due I suppose to the solvents. (I had that experience from a stupidity attack in a hospital, which gave me a penicillin shot and a tetanus "test" at the same time -- long long ago, but the memory lingers. Not pleasant.)

Of course & however, allergies are peculiar. For instance, we're having a seriously bad hay fever season, I'm told, which (so far -- not to tempt fate) hasn't bothered me, except I sneezed twice.