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Re: nighttime photography

Speaking of night-time photography, I happened today to register the fact that it's fall -- that is, we're past the autumnal equinox... whatever that is -- so I picked up my favorite (one and only -- the Britannica is never opened) reference work: my kids' long long long-ago World Book (which even as they left home, stayed) and looked up "equinox." The term combines Latin to mean equal night and day (there's a vernal or spring equinox, too), but the info about movement of sun, stars, earth, etc. was -- I believe the correct expression is "awesome" -- and who knows, maybe you could even show some of that in a 6-month photograph.

Whoever has access to a World Book (this one is 1973, but I doubt movement of earth v. sun has changed a lot since then): -- highly recommended.