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Re: nighttime photography

Not knowing how much you know it is hard for me to answer this but I'll tell you what I thought based on what I know about night photography (and if you didn't realize already my one shopping extravagance is book buying but that is a hell of a lot cheaper than buying cameras...):

The images are worth the book--I wasn't going to count them because they were way too numerous but there are easily several a page so maybe 600??

All image techniques are explained in teeny writing so pull out the reading glasses.

30 people who not only do night photography but do workshops in night photography are contributors of image and text. Chip Forelli's work is in there, the Paivas work is excellent...

There is even a chapter on BW night photography and the use of Diafine--how many books nowadays even TALK about developing traditional film?

There are chapters on lighting the night with different lighting effects--do you know what cross lighting is? Do you know the Sunny 11 moon rule? There are charts about development, shooting different films, check list of what to bring, comparisons of stopping down the aperture which even at equivalent exposures narrows the light field path, etc. etc.

I have 2 other books on night photography and this is much better.

It is complete enough to use as a textbook IMHO.

But please don't buy it on my recommend--go to Barnes and Noble and look through it first before you buy so you won't want to make me owe you $20.

As one photographer who shoots a lot of night photography, I
might want to ask you what makes the instructions and
photographs in this book so much better than what we already
know about the subject?