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Re: Gum over Platinum print II

Cor, it wasn't a complaint, just a comment; all I meant was that not having the actual print to compare, I was relying on my memory to make the comparison. I've had the same problem when I've put up a page just to illustrate a point in a discussion. Sometimes those pages stay around for a while, and sometimes, especially if the images are big and take up a lot of space on the server (I only have 10 MB for my website and my mail combined) they come down fairly quickly. But I've had complaints from people who were going through the list archives and are annoyed that a link is no longer functional, a year or two later. It's no problem, really. Keep up the good work,

On Oct 1, 2008, at 5:21 AM, C.Breukel@lumc.nl wrote:

Hi Katherine,

thanks for looking and commenting. The page was ment for a quick
showing. Perhaps I should expand it a bit with different interpretations
of this neg (and try better to match the colour on screen with the real
thing). It is nice to see different stages of gum prints, one can learn
quite lot form it!

If I find the time I could perhaps put something together,



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Cor, I think I liked the first one better, although it seems to have
been replaced by the new one so I can't compare them except in my
memory.  I liked the subtler tonalities of that one, FWIW.

On Sep 30, 2008, at 8:26 AM, C.Breukel@lumc.nl wrote:

I have uploaded a second version, this time I took a darker
platinum print and used a mixture of Burnt Sienna:Azo Yellow Deep
about 2:1, short exposure, 4 hours soak

I could only match the colour approximatly, anyway...

You can find it at: http://home.casema.nl/cordieuwke/



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Subject: Gum over Platinum print

Since the list is in a image sharing mode (which is great, I love
to see the work of others!) I would like to share a first result
(it is still work in progress) of my regretfully infrequent alt
printing adventures:

You can find it at: http://home.casema.nl/cordieuwke/

The details, for those interested:

I started out with a Kodak Infrared negative (35mm). It was made
during our trip in May to Turkey. This one is from the wonderfull
area of Cappadocia, near the town Neveshir (Judy: the girl running
towards me on the image is my daughter, one of the twins..).

I made enlarged negatives from it by revearsal a la Liam Lawless (I
still work completely analogue..perhaps I am as we say in dutch "De
laatste der Mohikanen"..leave the translation to you..;-).... I
made several negatives with different Dmax densities by altering
the flash time.

My idea was to print a high contrast image with platinum, and than
fill in with gum to lower the contrast and to add colour (with a
low contrast negative).

The paper I used is Canson Fonteney, smooth side, pre-shrunk but
not sized (I hate sizing, and I know that this paper can take a few
gum layers without staining).

Only one gum coat is there: a weak Burnt Sienna.

And know I have to think what next, keep it as such, or add some
other colour (I am primairly a B&W person, scored a meager 37 on
the colour IQ test..;-)..)

Still have a few high contrast PT  prints that need filling in, I
am thinking about yellow..