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RE: Gum over Platinum print

Title: RE: Gum over Platinum print

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Subject: Re: Gum over Platinum print

> You can find it at: http://home.casema.nl/cordieuwke/GumOverPlatinum.html

Oh drat... getting Henk's site on the 2nd try led me to imagine I could
get another, but it wasn't to be... Here's the message the dread machine

...Judy, it's case sensitive, and when I click on the link it does work, another route might be that you try this one: http://tinyurl.com/43zn9x

(BTW this is the second image, with some more platinum density, and one coat of gum with burnt sienna and a bit of deep yellow azo. I will try to make a more detialed page some day

> The details, for those interested:
> I started out with a Kodak Infrared negative (35mm). It was made during our trip in May to Turkey. This one is from the wonderfull area of Cappadocia, near the town Neveshir (Judy: the girl running towards me on the image is my daughter, one of the twins..).
> I made enlarged negatives from it by revearsal a la Liam Lawless (I
> still work completely analogue..perhaps I am as we say in dutch "De
> laatste der Mohikanen"..leave the translation to you..;-).... I made
> several negatives with different Dmax densities by altering the flash
> time.

The last of the Mohicans?  (I think now that's a NYC telephone exchange.)

..that is it indeed..

And, lest we forget, we're worshipping a form of printing they did for at
least 60 years without electricity.  One of my old Photo Miniature
magazines (about 1904), says (in a how-to article), "If you have
electricity, do.... thus and so..."

That was a jolt... I mean, so easy to forget...

BTW, Cor, score on the color test may well be beside the point. It's my
understanding that stunning works in color have been done by the virtually
color blind.

Best to you, too...