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Re: Screen printing Gum?

Hi Jacek :

Yes you can pour the emulsion on the screen.  It should be thin enough to Squeegee it thinly on the screen.  If you make it too thin, it will just run right on through the fabric.  I have done this for many years.  I suggest that you use a synthetic fiber screen and then if you find that you have over exposed the emulsion, you can use a dilute solution of Clorox to dissolve or develop the filled in areas and then rinse it with water quickly.  I assume you are using a Dichromate sensitizer.  My first experiences were with Knox Gelatin  with Potassium Dichromate.  The paint you use to make the screen prints must be oil base and not soluble in water.

If you have any trouble with itr just let me know.  It's a great way to get started. 

Sent: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 5:09 am
Subject: Screen printing Gum?

Hi all, 
I was wondering if anyone has tried making their pigment/dichromate mix and then poured it on screen print and squeeged it? I wonder if it would be a better way of a smooth and even coating? Though unsure if the mix would be too thick or watery for it to be used in a screen print? 
I've never done screen prints before but I had just watched this fellow who does screen prints Csaba Markus on youtube. 
He's got a few videos there and it seems pretty intresting what he's doing..